Sherri Connell – A Lifetime in 27 Years

Sherri Connell – A Lifetime in 27 Years

A Lifetime in 27 Years

I am the daughter of a dancer and a musician, so I was born singing and tapping! At the age of 5, I danced for an audience on the SS Admiral, the largest river boat in the US. In high school and college, I was a cheerleader, singer, dancer and model. I was a very goal oriented person and workaholic, working at the age of 10 as a caretaker for horses, at a pet store when I was 13, a clothing store at 14 and I put myself through college waiting on tables and working for America West Airlines.

While in pursuit of my life goals, I struggled with my health at an early age. Regardless of being sick and in pain most of the time, I forged ahead, working multiple jobs, cheer-leading, singing and dancing in musicals, acting in commercials, singing in bands, writing plays, modeling in fashion shows, competing in pageants and talent shows, as well as lifting weights and riding my horse. I also managed to obtain 2 Business Degrees and a Minor in Liberal Arts.

I loved to work and had huge goals and dreams for my business and music careers! Never did I suspect that I had already lived "a lifetime in 27 years."

My Life Turned Upside Down

My Life Turned Upside Down

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My Story Helping Others

Sherri Connell on Scooter

With the intention of helping friends and family better understand my invisible disability, my husband put some journal writings on the internet. Read Full Story!

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